Friday, July 4, 2008

Market Bag

So my newest project is the Market Bag, which I saw in Colorado Fiber Arts. Miss Emily had two samples hanging in the shop and I just had to make myself one. What’s so cool about it is that it’s made in one piece and it folds up into its own pouch for storage.

So I went and bought enough cotton boucle (which was totally on sale!!!) to make 4 bags…2 in teal and 2 in purple. I decided that since my friend was going to Florida I would make her one. It would be a perfect beach bag! Then another friend of mine’s birthday was a week ago and she’s the outdoors-ies type and I thought that it would be perfect for her also! I am happy to say that both girls absolutely loved their bags and thought that it was something they would most definitely use. Now I’m making two more for a friend and her mom that I haven’t seen in almost 13 years.

I’m so giving! So you may be wondering, what about Erin? Where’s her bag? This is my weakness! When I learn a new project I feel like I have to share it and make one for everyone. My New Year’s resolution was to do more things for myself. I was doing pretty good until recently. Thanks to a couple of friends, I think my crafts will be refocused on my new love for spinning. (There will be more to come about that!)

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